Towtruck Policy

Chapter 1: Usage of /tow

Policy 1.1: Roleplay
  • All players must always roleplay when using the /tow command whilst in a towtruck. Binds for automatic towing are not allowed. You must get out of your vehicle and RP'ly attach the hitch.
(Note: Any player found to be abusing the /tow command is to be issued the normal punishment for powergaming)

Chapter 2: Situations to impound
Policy 2.1: Tickets
  • Faction members are permitted to impound any vehicle that has over the legal amount of fines in tickets.

Policy 2.2: Location
  • Faction members should not tow a car that is parked in a roleplay manner and has less then the legal amount of fines in tickets. Faction members will be allowed to impound cars on government property. Also, if a car is owned by a wanted suspect or was used in any act of breaking the law, the car can be impounded.
(Note: In Character corruption is allowed and you can take bribes to tow somebodies car so long as the corruption is roleplayed. There will also be in character consequences to deal with.)

The policy outlined above is subject to change and may be changed on any given day by the Director of SA:MP Operations or higher.
Upon change of certain policy's no grace period will be given, as it is up to the players to keep up to date with the server/policy rules.

Credits to MelvinHarris.