Types of Businesses

Chapter 1: Player Businesses

Policy 1.1: Player Businesses
  • Player businesses are businesses that do not follow any kind of activity requirements or roleplay standards, however the owner is required to pay a monthly renewal fee to be able to keep them. These businesses can be acquired by having it transferred from a player, either by a sale or as a gift, by buying it in an auction or by a direct admin sale. Direct admin sales are done at SA:MP Operations discretion, however the prices are usually higher than in an auction since it’s a guaranteed way to acquire a business.

Chapter 2: Department of SA:MP Operations Businesses
Policy 2.1: Types of Businesses
  • There are two types of SA:MP Ops Businesses: Official Roleplay Businesses and Gang Businesses. These businesses are free, do not cost any renewals and the owners have access to the profits in return for keeping the business active.

Policy 2.2: Gang Businesses
  • If the gang holds official status, they can make a request for a gang business. Gang Businesses can be located anywhere, however there are business type restrictions depending on the gang theme.
  • For the gang to be able to get the business, they are also required to make a business roleplay thread before requesting the business and, after receiving the business, they are required to actively use it in-game and post roleplay on the thread with the activity requirements proposed by the DoBM.
  • If the gang slot holder already has a business, he can turn his business into a gang business, receiving the usual perks, by using the same procedure. When that slot holder leaves the gang or when the gang gets disbanded, the business will be turned into a player business once again.

Policy 2.3: Official Roleplay Businesses
  • Any player can apply for a business slot by following the standard procedures set by SA:MP Operations.
  • Players that receive these businesses are meant to have good activity, server standing (reputation) and be creators of role play and interaction in the community.
  • Players can apply for any of the unowned businesses in the server, as long as they’re not pending an auction in which case the DoBM will tell the applicants about it. Players can also roleplay in any location and, upon being accepted into a business slot, have a business placed in that location instead.
  • A player that already owns a business can also apply for a slot, receiving the extra perks that comes with a slot, including the free renewals, for the time they hold that slot. All perks will be reverted upon losing the slot.

The rules listed above are subject to change and may be changed on any given day by the Director of Business Management or higher.
Upon change of certain policy's no grace period will be given, as it is up to the owner of a business to keep their members up to date with the server rules.

Credits to DeanPierce and MelvinHarris.