Business Rules & Activity

Chapter 1: Rules

Policy 1.1: Business Chat
  • Business chats are In-Character. All business chats are to follow the metagame rule. Business owners need to make sure they (and their employees) do not break this rule.

Policy 1.2: Returning After Death
  • Business members have the right to return to their business after death. They have every right to return if they died and lost memory. Just as faction and gang members may do to their respective headquarters.

Policy 1.3: Price Exploitation
  • Business owners will not be permitted to intentionally set prices in their businesses to an unrealistically low amount in an attempt to cause a decline in the server's economy or exploit the low cost of resupplying a business to create cars for customers.

Policy 1.4: Stealing From Safes
  • Anyone with safe access can steal $200,000 a week from its business, regardless of whether it's an official or unofficial business. A r5 must have been a r5 in the business for 2 weeks before being able to steal the money. It's the Business Owners responsibility to supervise his own business and check often if there's anyone with powers they're not supposed to have and if there's money missing.

Chapter 2: Rule Violations
Policy 2.1: Metagaming
  • All business chats are to follow the metagame rule as the Business Chat is In-Character. Any violation is to be reported through a Forum Complaint which will be reviewed following the punishments stated on the server rules.

Policy 2.2: Leave of Absence
  • The Director of Business Management holds the right to remove any business from any player, gang, or faction if the business owner failed to contact the Director of Business Management about his absence.

Policy 2.3: Banned
  • The Director of Business Management holds the right to remove any business from any player if he failed to contact the Director of Business Management about his ban period.

Policy 2.4: Price Exploitation
  • Owners found to be in violation of this will have their business suspended pending review of the Director of Business Management on a case by case basis and may be banned for 'Mass Exploitation' depending on the severity. The Director of Business Management decides whether the violation was an accidental violation and if the player is to be forgiven.

Policy 2.5: /bpanic Abuse
  • The /bpanic command is there to be used when the business is being robbed, there is a gunfight nearby or some other sort of immediate danger that would require law enforcement/other employees' assistance. Spamming the panic button will result in an instant kick under the server offense for 'Spamming' and other punishments listed on the Server Offenses depending on the situation (such as exploiting, cop baiting).

Policy 2.6: Stealing From Safes
  • Anyone that uses an exploit to be able to steal money even though their rank isn't supposed to access the vault will be punished with a fine twice as big as the amount he/she/it stole and banned depending on the scenario. Getting ranked up to the rank necessary to access the vault just to steal the money is also not allowed. The same applies to getting invited and given the rank just for this exact purpose.

Chapter 3: Activity & Leave of Absence

Policy 3.1: Activity
  • Regardless of renewal dates and whether the business owner is active or not, if the business has been out of stock for a month it will be moved away and it will stay there until the owner makes a business request to move it back or until the business renewal expires, in which the player loses the business. If the location has been taken in the meantime, the owner will have to pick a new location since it is the business owners responsibility to keep the business stocked. The player will receive a formal warning after the business is out of stock for 2 weeks.
  • SA:MP Operations staff also hold the right to move away your business with the intent of claiming the location for a SA:MP Ops Business if you're not actively using it to promote roleplay.

Policy 3.2: Leave of Absence
  • If the player goes on a Leave of Absence (LoA) and doesn't have anyone to restock the business he/she/it can submit a business request to have business management take care of their stock until they come back. For the time period of the LoA, Business Management will switch to his/her/its business and order resupplies. The LoA time cannot be for longer than 2 weeks and after that time the owner has to start handling the resupplies. If the Business goes out of stock after the return date, the business will be moved per the 3.1 activity policy.

The rules listed above are subject to change and may be changed on any given day by the Director of Business Management or higher.
Upon change of certain policy's no grace period will be given, as it is up to the owner of a business to keep their members up to date with the server rules.

Credits to DeanPierce and MelvinHarris.