Business Changes

Chapter 1: Sales and Purchases

Policy 1.1: Transfers
  • As a Business Owner, you're allowed to sell your business for any price you see fit. This doesn't apply to SA:MP Ops Businesses, as the owners of these businesses are temporary, therefore they cannot be sold.
  • Before any sales and purchases can be done, a business request must be placed on the forum via the business requests form and must be approved by the Director of Business Management.
  • No admin can transfer your business without written approval first.
  • After the request has been approved, a Business Moderator or LGA+ must complete the transfer in-game which can be reported for. No business will be sold without a business request approved by the Director of Business Management.

Policy 1.2: Fines
  • All business sales have a mandatory 10% fine of the total money transferred. Therefore if you sell your business for 150 million, you will be fined 15 million for the sale. If you trade your business for an item, you'll be fined 10% of the street value of that object. If you give your business away for free, you will be fined 1 million.

Policy 1.3: Lying about Profits and Renewal Dates
  • It's strictly forbidden to lie about the business profits or renewal date in order to make a business more desired and raise the price, as this will also fall under the scamming rule. You are allowed to hide the profits obtained but not lie about them.
  • For renewal dates, you are required to tell the truth with regards how many months the business has left if you are asked since this involves the payment of credits. If a business is sold and there is evidence that the player lied about the profits or the renewal date, the buyer can request to void the transaction and upon review by the DoBM he can get the money back and the business will return to the original owner.

Chapter 2: Business Edits
Policy 2.1: Edits
  • Any edits to businesses must be done through a business request or direct approval of the Director of Business Management. Some examples of edits would be: Delivery point move, business moves, interior changes.
  • All edits except for business name changes must be approved by the Director of Business Management. No admin can make any other edits without written approval first as previously described.

The rules listed above are subject to change and may be changed on any given day by the Director of Business Management or higher.
Upon change of certain policy's no grace period will be given, as it is up to the owner of a business to keep their members up to date with the server rules.

Credits to DeanPierce and MelvinHarris.